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Every day I meet with clients who are eager to benefit from IRS rules and regulations that are designed to help them make more money. Wouldn’t you like to increase your bottom line – legally?

After completing the MBA Program at Seton Hall in 1981 I started my career in Public Accounting with M. Sternlieb & Co. in Hackensack, NJ. A wonderful proving ground. After becoming certified, I went to work at two other Public Accounting Firms including Price Waterhouse. Eventually, I ended up with a specialty food importer and stayed for about four years. I realized that I needed to be in Public Practice and founded this firm in 1989. I have never looked back and always look forward to new challenges.

I specialize in providing services to the small business and individual taxpayer. I have over 500 individual taxpayer and 50 small business clients. Some as close as next door and others as far away as Germany and India. I am able to provide expert services because of the tools available to me which include, tax software, tax research software, accounting software, computers and of course the internet.

Our Team

Michael Pinter

mike@pintercpa.com (973) 208-1040